Project Description

Wanna Hang



Wanna Hang removes angst and complication from first time social encounters and enables users to introduce themselves right from their own smartphone. Use it to make friends and to network with the people who are near you.

Wanna Hang is especially interesting to us from a human behavioral perspective. Connected to our AI engine, we’re learning all sorts of useful information about the way people start, maintain and sustain many types of relationships.


There are plenty of networking, friendship and dating apps. Why does the world need Wanna Hang?

When our CEO was studying for the GMATs in Starbucks, he saw a boy trying to figure out how to walk over to a girl who was busy studying with a group of other people. And everyone around was watching. Problem. Wouldn’t it have been great, if there was an app where if you could see the person in real life, then you’d be able to see them in the app? Then he could have introduced himself without having to figure out how to introduce himself without any awkwardness. This problem exists on a professional level too, where people want to introduce themselves but can’t, because the other person is busy. Wanna Hang solves this problem.

How do I get started?

Simple. Download Wanna Hang, set up your profile and start connecting with other users. Wanna Hang enables you to start interacting with people you want to hang out with and get to know, but you can only send them an invite when you’re in eyesight range of the other person. If you can see the person in real life, then you can see the person in Wanna Hang.

What happens when I get a request to connect from someone?

You can choose to accept the request or deny the request, but either way, the person wanting to hang out with you cannot see your shared profile until after you accept the request. Nobody can see your information or chat with you until you let them. The only information of yours that other users see before you accept their request to connect is your profile photo, your Wanna Hang screen name, your age and your profile description, which is no more than a tweet’s worth of information.

When I accept a request to connect, what info of mine can they see?

Once you accept a Wanna Hang request, they can see your name, age, the about me snippet and whatever pictures you add to your profile.

Can Wanna users see where I am? Is my location available to them?

Other Wanna Hang users can only see where you are on a map when they can see you in real life. That’s the point of the app :)

Can anyone using Wanna Hang send me a request to connect?

Like, if someone is in California and I’m in New York? Nope. Wanna Hang only allows you to make a request to connect with someone that you can see in real life. Once you accept the Wanna Hang request, you can chat with them through Wanna Hang no matter where you are. Wanna Hang enables you to introduce yourself to another person without breaking a sweat, when the person is unapproachable due to circumstances beyond your control.

Removes Awkwardness From First Time Encounters – 100%
Good For All Age Groups – 100%
Easy To Use – 100%
Totally Free To Use – 100%
Good For Making Friends – 100%
Good For Starting Relationships – 100%


While Josh never saw that kid again, we were happy that we at least solved this problem for the hundreds of millions of people affected by it. Wanna Hang is great for introducing yourself to people nearby. If you’re a student, use it to discover who else is in your class. If you’re at a networking event, use it to learn more about who’s nearby. Wanna Hang is useful to most people, most of the time.

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