Project Description

iBox Remote File Access & Media Streamer



What is iBox?

iBox enables iOS and Android mobile devices to connect wirelessly and directly to any Windows computer that is turned on, connected to the Internet and has the iBox Control Panel running. It enables a user to instantly view and edit files including entire video and music libraries from all Windows computers.


There are plenty of cloud storage platforms around. Why does the world need iBox?

We created iBox for ourselves, and we had a very specific need: store sensitive files securely without any risk of a hack. Anyone can get hacked, this is true. However, cloud computing companies have a big target on them. What if there was a way to turn a Windows computer with a huge external hard drive into our own ‘personal cloud’? That was the challenge. iBox was our solution. Once we built it, we published it on the App Store and on Google Play, since we knew that we weren’t the only ones with this problem.

So how exactly is iBox different?

iBox enables a direct connection to your computer – without a third party intermediary. No syncing issues – ever. No monthly storage fees for “additional space” – ever. The only limitation to hard drive space is the actual size of your hard drive.

Can a customer use iBox and also use other applications that provide remote file access?

Yes. The use of one does not preclude the use of any others.

Do iBox users have to do anything special on their computers in order to connect?

Yes! Users must download and install the iBox Control Panel (here). After installing the application on the user’s computer(s) and going through the configuration setup process, the only thing the user has to do is leave the desired computer on and connected to the Internet.

Never Have File Syncing Issues Again – 100%
No Access Limitations Based On File Size – 100%
Never Pay Monthly Storage Fees Ever Again – 100%
Only Pay A One Time Fee of $0.99 – 100%
Your File’s Security – 99%
Access Files Located On Your Windows PC – 100%
Access Files From your iPhone & iPad – 100%
Access Files From your Android Smartphone and Tablet – 100%


We ended up building something truly useful to many people, including ourselves. iBox enables 100% file access to any file located on a Windows machine from any iOS and/or Android device. We added in media streaming as a free feature of iBox so that users could connect their external hard drives with all of their videos and music for easy access, which means that iBox users don’t need to store lots of heavy audio and video files on their smartphones or tablets.

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