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Follow Us



Built on our AI engine, Follow Us is a revolutionary social media marketing service that organically generates relevant followers on social media for small businesses. Our AI focuses on people who are likely to engage with our clients, hyper-charging their local presence on social media and connecting them to people who are more likely to become their customers.


What is Follow Us?

Follow Us enables businesses that service a geographic region to organically grow their relevant Twitter and Instagram following to generate new and ongoing business. Follow Us replaces the work of a highly paid team of social media gurus for a low monthly fee. Follow Us has no signup or cancellation fees, no minimum terms and no contracts. You will begin to see results within a few weeks.

Follow Us subscribers receive daily emails that log you (or whomever you put in charge) into your Follow Us account, where you simply look at and respond to the recommended action items on the list. The person performing the daily actions never leaves the Follow Us control panel to accomplish these tasks, which takes about 2 minutes per day. You either click on the checkbox to “do it” or swipe to the right to “not do it”. In both outcomes, our software ‘sees’ what you decided to do and learns what kind of customer you’re looking for.

Follow Us will recommend action items such as liking, re-tweeting or following certain people that it believes are likely to be interested in your business. It does this to first get their attention. For those that prove interested, our platform develops a personality matrix from their social media content and then finds other people who have similar traits. Follow Us is built on our proprietary AI Engine, which allows it to learn incredibly quickly.

Organic Twitter Growth – 100%
Organic Instagram Growth – 100%
Average Social Media 2 Customer Conversion Rate – 60%
Long Term Average Monthly Increase In Foot Traffic – 30%
Increased Productivity – 40%
Effort Required – 5%


Follow Us utilizes our AI Engine, which employs cutting edge neural net and deep machine learning protocols. The end result is an effective service that completes over $1,000/day worth of work for only $1.67/day.

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