Project Description

Love Struck



Love Struck gives humans the power of Cupid on their smartphones by utilizing a proprietary and patented blend of audio vibrations specifically tailored to trigger areas of the brain associated with love and attraction.

  • Make people lust/love after you

  • Olfactory version of scented pheromones

  • Completely Free


There are plenty of entertainment apps out there… Why do we need Love Struck?

Simply put, we don’t.

Then how did Love Struck come to be?

Love Struck started out as a joke. A single friend of our CEO said “hey Josh, wouldn’t it be great if there was this app where I could just click a button and it would make girls interested in me?” To which Josh responded “even an app like that wouldn’t work on you, buddy”.

Retelling the story at the office led us down a path of debating brainwave patterns and then to deep and somewhat ridiculous discussions about controlling people’s moods. For fun, we started investigating scented pheromone technology to see if there was a way to mimic this behavior without liquids or gasses. Again, for fun, we spent a wee bit of time reading about hypnosis, subliminal messages and mind control. There are five basic senses; taste, sight, touch, smell, and hearing. We knew right off the bat that taste, touch and smell were not our path.

A few superhero movies later, we realized that sight was out as well, which left us with hearing. Animals such as dogs and cats hear and see on a different spectrum than do humans, was it really so impossible that there could be an audio signal that a human could ‘absorb’ that perhaps was not perceived consciously?  We then stumbled upon a whole universe of content in the realm of monaural beats, binaural beats and isochronic tones. Eventually a friend of a friend with what was actually a pretty impressive PhD was more than happy to assist us in developing two audio files. One, which would hypothetically attract men and a second, which would hypothetically attract women. The subject(s) attracted would be – again, hypothetically – attracted to the source of the audio file, which would be held by the person who wishes to be attractive to the subject in question.

We spent the better part of an afternoon designing a really simple UI/UX for this “app” – again, the term here used pretty loosely – and viola! Love Struck was born.

Does it actually…. work?

We gave it, in part as a joke (but we’ll admit at this point we were really curious if it would work) to a bunch of our high school interns. The reported results were – ridiculous. They all believed it worked. Tons of reports of “this girl who never looks at me came right up to me and started flirting” and “oh man, this guy who never speaks to me suddenly asked me out” and such.

So then…. does it actually…. work???

We don’t know. Probably not. But maybe.

What we eventually came to realize that it doesn’t really matter if the app works the way it is ‘supposed’ to work. Love Struck gave a confidence boost to a bunch of people and made them feel better about themselves. It gave them courage. If that is Love Struck’s power, then that’s a great thing.

So now what?

Well, we did the only responsible thing we could think of. Give this technology to the world. Have fun.

Please, use this app responsibly and use Love Struck for good, and never for evil.

Allegedly Easier Attractions – 100%
Easy to Use – 100%
Supposedly Instant Results – 100%
Relationship Starter 100%


Love Struck is the only app out there that can – hypothetically – make someone want you. Seriously. Sort of.

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