The Surprising Hire That Helps These Founders See the Future

Zoe Henry, a staff writer at, quotes our CEO Joshua Weiss in an article discussing how risk analysts enable deep insights into data.

The Future of Forecasting

In the era of big-data analysis, flying blind is a gamble you don’t have to take. Companies are hiring all kinds of risk analysts (including actuaries) to look at new kinds of potentialities and how much they could cost their business, says Joshua Weiss, CEO of New Jersey social marketing software company TeliApp, which hired a risk analyst earlier this year. Arming yourself with someone who can determine the range and likelihood of possible future outcomes, says Weiss, is foresight you should consider.

Use Intelligence Expansively

“Rather than merely mitigating classic risks, our goal is to understand the behavioral patterns of ideal customers,” says Weiss, who relies on his risk analyst to inform marketing campaigns for the firm’s retail clients. 

Risky Business 2.0: New Uses for Risk Experts

Tracking Purchase Patterns

Given retailers’ razor-thin profit margins, risk experts can help them do everything from anticipating dips in the economy that could affect discretionary spending to keeping supply chains efficient. TeliApp CEO Joshua Weiss hired a risk analyst after realizing that his social creative agency and software service company could help its retail clients examine purchasing patterns. Once they do, explains Weiss, these clients–including Walmart and Barnes & Noble–can decide what types of inventory to stock up on, and if they’re wrong, how much that will cost them and whether they can afford that loss.