How Synergizing Earned, Owned, And Paid Media Can 10X Marketing ROI

John Koestier, a contributing writer to, quotes our CEO Joshua Weiss in an article discussing how synergizing earned, owned and paid media can increase marketing ROI.

But where’s the 10X synergy?

I started this post talking about how marketers can 10X their marketing return on investment. Here’s how one marketing agency managed that feat with a mix of organic social, paid search, and earned web traffic.

From the New Jersey-based creative agency TeliApp, here’s CEO Joshua Weiss:

“For two different clients of ours, one an insurance franchisee and another a home goods manufacturer and distributor, we noticed that posting about current events that are related to their products works better than merely posting about the product itself,” Weiss says. “The supporting data was overwhelming, and so we modified both their respective organic and paid search campaigns. For one client, we increased their Facebook page following by nearly 1,900%, and their corresponding website traffic by over 1,000% over the same three-day period.”