Entrepreneur Magazine Quotes CEO Joshua Weiss in Entrepreneurial Zen

Entrepreneur Magazine quotes our CEO on work hours and time management in startup companies.

Think Output, Not Input

Joshua Weiss is the first to admit that working longer and harder doesn’t always translate into accomplishing more. In his 20s, Weiss founded 1-800-TOW-TRUCK, a national roadside-assistance company. At the time, the Linden, N.J., entrepreneur didn’t think twice about putting in 18-hour days, six days a week, despite the flagging energy and dwindling attention span that plagued him most evenings. “Your brain’s just not going to work as well, and you’re going to miss things,” says Weiss, who embraced a more manageable schedule in 2010 when he started NJ-based TeliApp, an artificial intelligence tech startup. “It doesn’t matter how many cups of coffee you have. It doesn’t matter how many donuts you eat.”