CBS News Discusses Employment with CEO Joshua Weiss

CBS News quoted our CEO Joshua Weiss’ opinion on employment!

Joshua Weiss, the 38 year old CEO of TeliApp, sometimes takes his crew over to a local Panera to work for a change of scenery. He is frequently there at the same time as a group of unemployed older workers who get together to talk about their job hunts and winds up overhearing some of their complaints.

“I’ve heard some say things like, ‘Listen, I was working when the guy who interviewed me was still nursing, why should I have to learn this? I’m good the way I am; eventually I’ll find the right place.’ No they won’t,” he says. “If you don’t have a marketable skill because that skill has been replaced, instead of trying to find a tiny niche that might still value it, figure out a way to turn your skills and experience into something of value for the job you are interviewing for.”