Bank of America Talks with Our CEO About Building a Team

Bank of America and our CEO Joshua Weiss discuss how he handles a growing company, as well as the difficulties that come with staff hierarchy.

TeliApp Corporation, a high-tech startup that builds new smartphone apps for mobile devices, went through a major expansion—a good sign of growth and success, yet the company’s organizational issues also grew. “Prior to expanding, the company consisted of me, a CTO, a graphic designer, and a handful of programmers, all answering to me,” says CEO Josh Weiss, “As business began to pick up, we had no choice but to bring on more people. We added a marketing department, a business development/sales department, more graphic design personnel, and a social networking internship program. [However] every decision was still coming to me—and my email was flooded hourly with questions from my employees.” Weiss had to make a change. He drew up a flow chart, designating department heads (based on job performance and experience) to take on more responsibilities and is searching for a COO. “I could no longer be the only ‘go-to’ guy. Establishing a hierarchy is essential for a clear distribution of responsibility and to avoid duplication of work and enhance efficiency,” says Weiss.