Information Week and Our CEO Discuss the Microsoft Surface

CEO Joshua Weiss explains to Information Week how Microsoft’s Surface imbues true innovation and how it represents the future of Microsoft’s tablet/PC hybrid.

The CEO has both a MacBook Pro and a Dell desktop in his office, another desktop at home that he uses for work and a personal iPad that spends more time in his 4-year-old child’s hands than his own. The MacBook Pro mostly stays in the office for fear of damaging it in transit, which means he is heavily reliant on Dropbox for accessing and sharing files — a process he says has several downsides, including waiting for syncs to complete and failed syncs.

“You’d think it’s not a big deal, carrying a laptop back and forth, but the truth is that a laptop monitor can crack by accident and cost over $600 to replace,” Weiss said. “At that point, one considers just buying a different device.”