TeliApp Gets Started With a Friends & Family Round

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE, New York, January 2, 2012 – TeliApp, a new AI software company, just announced that it closed an initial friends and family round of 15k. TeliApp’s Founder and CEO Joshua Weiss said “I’m very excited to get started. I’ve been dreaming about starting this company ever since I developed the app TravelerSOS for Palm Computing back in 2000. Now that I’ve completed this round, I can focus on my next mission, which is to assemble my team.” Josh said that long time friend and business associate, Michael Linetsky, will help find and train in TeliApp’s CTO. “Michael was in Belgium on an academic research grant, so its an incredible thing to move himself and his family of six back to the US. I’m optimistic. Starting this company has been a shared dream of ours for the last twelve years.”

A reporter from CEO Blog Nation asked Josh if there was any significance to the first part of the company’s name. Josh answered that “the word ‘Teli’ is an ancient mystical word that is connected to the constellation Draco and the path of the ecliptic that circles it. It has special meaning to me, as it represents connection, duality and togetherness. Our goal is to build technology that helps to bring people together. The constellation Draco is represented by a dragon, and I intend to incorporate this somehow into our logo.”

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