TeliApp CEO Josh Weiss the Keynote Speaker at Morris Tech Meetup

On November 8th, Josh spoke to the Morris Tech Meetup community about TeliApp, his experience acquiring outside capital, the obstacles and challenges our company has overcome and how we are use our artificial intelligence engine, machine learning and data science to help our clients find actionable and unique insights, by detecting, predicting and even influencing human behavioral trends.

“It was truly a pleasure speaking at the Morris Tech Meetup tonight. Everyone in the audience was great, and asked meaningful questions. I’m happy that those who took the time to come and hear me speak enjoyed the experience. Met some amazing people. Thanks to Fairleigh Dickinson University, the Morris Meetup Organizers Marc Basikin, Elizabeth Hearhart, Mark Annett, John Carini and Pavita Howe, and to the Morris County Economic Development Corporation for having me.”

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